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dot   Why Choose Imagepro Solutions ?  
dot   Why Choose Imagepro Solutions ?  
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Photo clipping is a fairly common expedient in digital image editing. Simply put, it involves a basic operation called clipping path and masking, where the subject matter in the image is isolated from its background and the associated clutter. Generally, the background is then whited out to bring the full attention of the viewer to the subject matter. Any kind of background can then be applied if the need arises.

You could be a retailer with a need to have hundreds of images clipped for an on-line product catalog or perhaps you have a special requirement for a subject matter to be realistically placed on a different background.

Clipping path work is fairly basic but time consuming and a terrific bore when there are numerous images to be clipped and you have more important business to attend to. At Image Pro, we understand the premium that time demands in running a business. We'll be glad to free up your time and patience at a very comfortable cost. We have competent graphics teams who can handle jobs that require varying skill levels.

By letting us undertake the routine, brain numbing task of clipping tons of images or even a small volume high-detail background substitution job, you can be assured that Image Pro will provide you with the best quality-cost balance.

Imagepro Solutions can help you achieve cost and time efficiencies, high quality and access to a vast pool of intellectual resources. You will gain competitive advantage by outsourcing Business and Market Research support services, Survey design and programming, Data Processing, Survey Data coding, Cross tabulation, Charting, High end Statistical Data Analytics and Reporting on specified templates.