E-commerce has imparted a revolutionary impact to how business can be done. It has actually turned the world into a “global village” which in the 1970’s was just a term coined by the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan. The drive to continuously create new products and services and market them online has led to a lot of innovation in E-commerce. Web 2.0, Mashup, social networking and innumerable such terms are the buzzwords of online business today.

According to the Online Merchandising Survey on consumer perception, when shopping online the consumer population drops by 67% on e-commerce sites due to lack of product information. 83% of the respondents pointed out that making the sites more interactive and displaying the products in innovative ways would drive online sales.

Retailers today are experimenting with Web 2.0 features in online shopping so that shoppers can gather more product information and flexibility. Web 2.0 has helped web stores rank well under search engines with targeted keyword and phrases.  It has succeeded in increasing the engagement of online customers and also the overall functionality. Widgets, Flash, podcasts, and video are other interactive elements that have breathed fresh air into the world of online business.

Nike recently created a Macromedia Flash store which developed rich online content for shoppers. Similarly Gap’s new site, according to Forrester Research has leapfrogged all other retail sites.

Another technology trend that has impacted e-commerce is Ajax. Ajax is a real timesaver. It pulls data effortlessly into the backdrop of a loaded Web page, saving users from the tedium of click and wait. Recently a first template driven Ajax based ecommerce site builder came into picture. This technology enables anyone to have a Web 2.0 ecommerce site. With a better user interface the content management is faster and efficient. Editing items from store, updating content, inserting or removing product categories have become a cakewalk with this interface.

Its unimaginable to which level such technology trends will take e-commerce. With improved branding and developing better and creative user experience online resellers are gradually making an indelible mark on the minds of consumers.

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