Once you have enquired with us, our business analysts delve into your requirement based on the details filled in the enquiry form. The understanding is then passed on to the Client Servicing Team to confirm our Analysis and understand the finer details.
  After we're done with the preliminary analysis of your submitted requirement we initiate the first direct touch in our outsourcing relationship. The medium of communication is based on your specification. - Either Phone or email.
  To ensure proper understanding of desired outcomes, it is imperative to initiate discussions. In these detailed discussions, we propose various options and enablers that help us execute your specific requirement s in the most effective and timely manner - not compromising on quality.
  To help you understand our operational and management standards in terms of quality, we offer you a FREE NO-OBLIGATION TRAIL. We hope to provide you upfront information about our trust and credibility. This also helps us understand the complexity of your work that helps us provide you the best solution.
  Once the trial has been accepted by you we would provide a detailed proposal clearly stating the price, timeline and deliverables for your approval.
  Once you are absolutely satisfied with our quality standards and convinced about our competencies we sign an agreement with you taking into consideration the various terms of engagement previously discussed and agreed upon.
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    Senior Manager – Account Management  
    SME - Requirement /Design Analysis  
    Operations Manager – Planning/Allocation  
    Quality Engineers – Quality Assurance  
    Design Engineers – Production  
    System Engineers – Data Management  
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Imagepro Solutions can help you achieve cost and time efficiencies, high quality and access to a vast pool of professional designers and experts with decades of design experience. You will gain competitive advantage by Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image processing requirement to Image Processing solutions India. Some of the services you could explore outsourcing to Image Processing solutions India include: Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image Editing, Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image Enhancements, Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image Manipulations, Outsourcing Photo and Image Corrections, Outsourcing Photo and Image Restoration, Outsourcing Photo and Image Stitching, Outsourcing Photo and Image Conversion, Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image clipping and a host of other creative Business and E Commerce Solutions.