Our customers are precious to us and we believe in long term relationships based on mutual trust and sincerity.

For this very reason we partner with our clients in the initial stages of the project to discuss and develop clear measures against the following sectors:
“Creative services” is not a commoditized task and hence we insist that it should not be perceived as thus. Image Pro has always proved that we can provide quality services for complex creative functions.

Process quality, however, has lost its charm as a differentiator. It is now simply a basic requirement for consideration. Hence we put forth our process quality to our clients in the beginning itself so both parties are clear on the processes and methods to be employed including the use of the right technology and products. This forms the basis of the measures to evaluate the quality of final output.
Image Pro aims to provide our customers a safe and productive outsourcing experience. We have set up a reliable data security system to ensure the confidentiality of your resources you share with us. Keeping in mind the information security concerns, we have developed our infrastructure in a way that eliminates all possible leaks of information.

To ensure confidentiality of information, we encourage our customers to sign a Confidential Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the very initial stage of project discussion. Since the NDA is legally binding it ensures total security of your information in our hands.

We have also encountered unique business models in the past which require us to sign a NCND (Non Compete and Non Disclosure). We have more than obliged to do so as well.

With such measures in place, the control of resources and hence the project and business, lies entirely with you, our customer.
Customers are the most important part of our business philosophy and hence it is increasingly crucial for us to ensure customer delight at all stages of the project.

That is why, we take payments only when we have delivered the end-products AND only if the client is satisfied with our quality of work!

Would you like to know what Image Pro has to offer you? Feel free to look over our services pages or have one of our representative’s call you in one business day to discuss more...
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Imagepro Solutions can help you achieve cost and time efficiencies, high quality and access to a vast pool of professional designers and experts with decades of design experience. You will gain competitive advantage by Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image processing requirement to Image Processing solutions India. Some of the services you could explore outsourcing to Image Processing solutions India include: Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image Editing, Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image Enhancements, Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image Manipulations, Outsourcing Photo and Image Corrections, Outsourcing Photo and Image Restoration, Outsourcing Photo and Image Stitching, Outsourcing Photo and Image Conversion, Outsourcing Digital Photo and Image clipping and a host of other creative Business and E Commerce Solutions.